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The Leader in Responsible
Electronics Reuse and Recycling

Protect Your Business

At Recycle Boise we take recycling seriously. We don't just say we do the right thing. WE CAN PROVE IT 

At Recycle Boise we have gone the extra mile to ensure absolute Data Protection for our customers, help Grow and Strengthen our Community and Protect the Environment, Our Earth.

We are the only E-Stewards Certified Electronics Recycler in the State of Idaho. E-Stewards Certification is the highest industry electronics standard www.e-stewards.org available to recyclers, bringing value and protection to your business. Compliance Standards

LET Recycle Boise PROTECT YOU!

Recycle Boise is a full service Electronics and Metals Recycling Facility for ALL your recycling needs.

At Recycle Boise we donate electronics systems to schools. Giving kids the opportunity to develop the appropriate digital technology skills needed to succeed in today’s society. Technology Is Essential To Children’s Success.

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Providing Hard Drive Destruction, avoids any security breach, to ensure confidential and highly sensitive data is uncompromised. Absolute Data Protection for our electronics customers, through the entire recycling chain.

As a Full Service Recycling Facility we can offer a broad spectrum of services to all markets served. We can structure a recycling plan that best serves your recycling needs, saving your business time and money. Organize safe recyclables collections, protecting human health plus environmentally friendly procedures.

Remember to ask God for guidance every day. Good and bad times, He is always with you.


Recycle Boise is in Compliance with Government Policy and Security

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